How Can You Tell If You’re in Breakdown and Need Change?

Women today face a myriad of challenges in both professional and personal arenas that share one theme feeling powerless. “Disempowerment” here refers to the significant, persistent gap in an individual’s ability to mold her life to her own satisfaction and fulfillment. This experience is widespread among women. I call it the “I Can’t Do This” phenomenon, because thousands believe they simply can’t do it they can’t direct their lives as they wish. They feel overwhelmed with what’s on their plate, yet limited in their ability to bring about the changes they long for. This perceived powerlessness is damaging. It generates depression, anger, confusion, and paralysis, and it exacerbates other problems. In short, it causes “breakdown.” “Breakdown” is a heart-wrenching, deeply disturbing, or shocking event or series of events that makes you understand, irrevocably, that change must occur now. If you are desperately longing for change, then crisis is most likely at hand. If you are chronically unhappy, resentful, or depleted in short, miserable then breakdown is at your door. Breakdown in the professional arena means that a key aspect of your professional identity and endeavors, or your way of integrating your professional life with your personal life, is no longer acceptable to you. Breakdown slaps you across the face and yells from inside you, “So, what are you going to do now, huh? You know this can’t continue!” Crisis is not a “bad” thing. It’s not something to be ashamed of. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Yes, it’s deeply painful—and you don’t want to face it. But breakdown represents a critical turning point that can, if you let it, lead to something much better. Breakdown is a call for change, and for many people, radical change is the only door that opens to happiness, growth, and strength. I’ve lived through all twelve disempowerment crises myself, and I now consider them to be precisely what paved the way for my life to become what it is meaningful, joyful, and satisfying. When you are disempowered at this level, you are limited in the degree to which you accept and value yourself. You suffer from feeling unworthy, small, and inferior. You jump through hoops in order to win your own validation and approval. But despite your Herculean efforts, you typically fail. Being stuck at this level indicates the need to focus on new thinking and actions that facilitate a reconnection to your inner being, to the worthiness of who you are at your core, and to the universal life force fl ow and the guidance it offers. find yourself in competitive and hostile interactions. You continually feel unworthy and afraid of being “found out,” as if you’re an impostor. Overall, you feel ill-treated and not respected. Experiencing challenge at this level points to the need to step up to your innate power. Moving forward becomes possible when you let go of your critical judgments and develop stronger boundaries that protect and support you.

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