scarce resource at the highest levels. It creates potential business relationships. It enhances everyone’s public profile. And it builds Marshall’s reputation as the coach with the A-plus list of clients.

You can use a version of this approach, starting where you are and using what you have and whoever you know.

When you enlist allies on a project, be sure to talk about them in a positive way. Praise what they’re doing and connect them with others. You don’t need to be the world’s biggest extrovert to do this. You don’t need to try to make friends or form close ties. You just need to engage as many people as possible in your efforts to have an impact. And you want to do it in a public way so that you, and they, can benefit from the association.

credibility faster than anything else you might try. But it’s also a useful technique if you’ve been in your job for a while. Ask yourself: What do you want your next step here to be? What project would you like to be involved in? Then identify five people who could be helpful and start telling them what you want to do.

You might say, “Carol, I’d like to expand my client base in the western suburbs. Do you know anyone I might contact? I’ll let them know how well your team is doing.” Or: “Ben, I heard you signed up that great comedy act that performed at our last retreat. Could you let me know how you found them? I’m planning an event for my professional network. Maybe you’d like to come , these women often rationalize their situation, citing things they like about their jobs, such as the comfort of long-term relationships and being able to use skills they’ve had a chance to hone.

But deep down, many of them feel frustrated. They watch colleagues who entered the company in the same year they did sail past them. They see someone they hired snag a high-profile job they’d hoped for. They watch their salary increase by tiny increments despite outstanding performance, because their company’s policies peg salary to position.

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